New Mover Leads


Cross Media Marketing

AIM’s online Campaign Manager makes the process simple and easy. The new mover campaign takes just minutes to initiate. Each month, your campaign will automatically update with new recipients that fit your demographic and geographic selects.

Select from one of Arken’s professionally designed, high quality postcard templates, upload your own or contact Arken to create your own branded solution.


The postcard design will be localized with your contact information along with a smartQRC (intelligent QR Codes). This cross media tool will give new movers a simple and easy way to respond to your direct mail online 24/7. When they do, an instant alert will be emailed to you with their contact information.

High Value Lists

Demographic and Geographic selects allow you to define some of your target demographics. Successful direct mail campaigns begin with a well defined target. Arken’s online Campaign Manager pulls together high value targeted lists from various sources. Each monthly mailing pulls from a freshly updated list of new movers in your area.